• Feb : 25 : 2013 - News: Adele Wins Oscar for Skyfall!
  • Jan : 14 : 2013 - News: Adele Wins Golden Globe for Skyfall!
  • Oct : 5 : 2012 - Audio: New Single ‘Skyfall’
  • Jun : 30 : 2012 - News: Adele is Expecting!
  • Dec : 27 : 2011 - Adele sells most albums in a year since 2004

I’ve added 2 MQ photo shoots to the gallery that we didn’t have before, one from Paper Magazine and the other from InStyle:

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  1. robert redmond says:

    I just got your cd/dvd you released. And I must say you have the most moveing and most power full way of getting memories and emotions to be uncovered. Emotions that have not been there in 15 years!! You should be very proud of this!!! I hope you keep letting us here your vibrant voice. Thank you

  2. B. T. says:

    Adele is a beatiful woman, but she looked so much better in short, brown hair than she does now. This long, blonde hair ages her. I thought she was in her 30′s!


  3. maddie holden says:

    I absouloutly love Adele!!she is my life!! My friends say I have an obsession but I think I’m just drunk on the music she produces!! I love her! She can turn any sad day into a happy one! Her music is not through her mouth but through her soul!she is like an angel that was sent from heaven to bless our world with the power of music!!! She is a beautiful inspiration!!! <3 LONG LIVE ADELE <3 <3

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