• Feb : 25 : 2013 - News: Adele Wins Oscar for Skyfall!
  • Jan : 14 : 2013 - News: Adele Wins Golden Globe for Skyfall!
  • Oct : 5 : 2012 - Audio: New Single ‘Skyfall’
  • Jun : 30 : 2012 - News: Adele is Expecting!
  • Dec : 27 : 2011 - Adele sells most albums in a year since 2004

Thanks to the amazing people at Sony Music, we’re giving away a FREE copy of Adele’s full concert DVD, “LIve at the Royal Albert Hall”! Sorry we’re a bit late with this, the holidays have been a pain!

This contest is open to the United States, Canada, Mexico, UK and Japan – shipping elsewhere is a pain in the butt, but we will try to have contests with local prize awarders in other countries to make shipping a breeze next time!

Contest Rules:
Follow @AdeleAdkinsFan on Twitter and like us on Facebook.
Tweet ( with hashtag #AdeleGiveaway ) or blog about this contest. Once you’ve done that comment on this post and let us know what you love about Adele. Be sure to tell us where your twitter/blog is so we can be sure you qualify!

That’s all! One first place winner will receive a copy of Adele Live at the Royal Albert Hall concert DVD and two second place winners will each receive a copy of 21! All contest winners will be chosen randomly and Adele Fan staff are not eligible for the contest. The deadline for contest entries is December 5, 2011.


11 Responses so far.

  1. Cole Edwards says:

    There are so many things I love about the splendid Adele Adkins I hardly know where to begin. I absolutely love that she is enjoying immense success that by all practical means she should not be having. It is quite hard to believe that in 2011- the era of forgettable pop “songs” and few true superstars (at least, aside from the marketing standpoint)- the biggest selling album in the world comes from an artist who is neither auto tuned, does not have songs that revolve around sex, drugs, or rock ‘n roll, and does not look the normal industry “type.” Instead, we find a young woman well beyond her years, a woman who is not afraid to bare her soul and tell her story through her music. It’s for that reason I believe she clicks and it is for that reason I love her all the more. In the old days, people loved to see their artists not conform to standards; now “not conforming” is the new “conforming” as most artists have turned more the to the spectacle and what clothes they have on rather than trying to make substantial music that will uphold the test of time. Adele does not fall into the latter category; never will you see sporting a frock of meat.
    But aside from politics, the truth is Adele’s music is simply wonderful. Over the course of the year listening to “21,” I have grown to love each song more and more, each one taking on a life of its own, if only in my head. When “Rolling In the Deep” first came out, I was blindsided and listened to the track over and over until I was nearly rolling in the deep…but I still loved it!!! I can honestly say I could not pick a favorite song off the album because it would be like picking a favorite kid. If you asked me one day I might say “Don’t You Remember” but then the very next “One and Only” might come to mind. Perhaps “Someone Like You” would be my pick, who knows? Point is, it is a rare, fantastic occurrence when an album comes along that is both commercial but also stellar, as opposed to just three or four strong singles padded with filler. Having watched several interviews with Adele, I have gathered she is a true vocalist, artist and writer, and truly cares about what she considers her passion. God bless her for blessing us.

  2. Brittany says:

    I am so happy I found this site. I need a place to channel my undying love for Adele and her beautiful music. <3 Giving away a copy of this DVD is going to make some fan's YEAR. I love the trailer and as expected, cannot wait to see the full set! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WJm4xxa9Cts

  3. sweepstakes says:

    She’s a great singer. We wish her success.

  4. Glenda Edwards says:

    I love Adele’s great voice. My tweet at hi9185.

  5. Michael says:

    Adele es un artista en todo el sentido de la palabra, por que me gusta? por que sus letras expresan grandes vivencia y experiencias que no caben a un pequeño grupo de persona, se extienden a millones de personas que se identifican con ellas, me incluyo en esos millones por supuesto.

    Adele me parece una persona sencilla, sumamente conmobible, con sentimientos a flor de piel, si tuviera que decirlo y expresarlo en menos palabras, simplemente diría: ADELE NO VIVE, ELLA SIENTE! Por que es precisamente lo que hace, no vive la vida como cualquiera, ella ha aprendido a sentirla! Y lo hace de tal manera que tiene a todo el mundo a sus pies!

    Michael – @heymichael_

  6. Sarah says:

    I love adele so much. She gives me the courage and confidence I need to be proud of my weight. She doesn’t let anything get in her way and proves that if you have talent, you will succeed. Adele inspires me and my Mum. Her voice is so pure and beautiful and one day I hope I can become as successful and stunning as she is now.

  7. Jennifer Lane says:

    I love Adele’s unique sound! She has a voice that transcends all genres of music and all ages.

  8. jennifer says:

    Adele is awesome. She transcends the genres of all music. Classic but contemporary.


  9. Robyn Norris says:

    I tweeted – contestrobyn

    I love Adele because she makes me believe in love again. the good and the bad.


    I already have two copys of it! So I think im swell!

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